2013 Callaway Junior World Golf Championships

Nalani_Checking_In_Jr_WorldThis was Nalani’s first year qualifying for the Callaway Junior World Golf Championships.  So, both girls played.  The challenge for us was that the girls played different golf courses almost 40 minutes drive (in no traffic) from each other.  Of course, the morning tee times did not help.

Kayla_Nalani_Torrey_Pines_Jr_WorldWe decided to stay at Sycuan, where Nalani would play because they have a range and practice facilities, and we’d be staying right on the golf course.  Since I would have to drive Kayla to Lomas Santa Fe, that would leave Paul and Nalani without a car.  With rush hour traffic, it took us an hour to get to Lomas Santa Fe the first morning.  The next morning, we gave ourselves more time luckily because traffic was even worse due to an accident.  Both days, Kayla didn’t get much of a chance to warm up her putting and even fell asleep on the 2nd day’s commute.  So, she didn’t have her ideal rounds.  By the 3rd day, we took a different route arriving early enough for Kayla to warm up and she posted one of the lowest 3 scores of the day.  Both girls finished well with Kayla taking 15th place and Nalani T19.

Girls_and_Friends_Jr_WorldWe seem to learn something new each year.  Since this was the first time we had 2 children playing, we learned that we’ll need to juggle the schedule better and wake a bit earlier for warm ups in case of traffic.  Mental game took a toll on the girls however.  I think Kayla struggled for the most part knowing she could post a lower score and put too much pressure on herself, affecting her round of golf.  Mastering mental game is something they’ll learn as they grow we hope.

That said, it was an experience we’ll keep in our memories fore2013-07-14_17-15-31_382 2013-07-14_17-15-37_750 2013-07-14_17-16-01_682 2013-07-14_17-16-18_384 2013-07-14_17-16-21_834 2013-07-14_17-16-29_745 2013-07-14_17-16-36_934 2013-07-14_17-16-40_366 2013-07-14_17-17-03_854 2013-07-14_17-17-13_141 2013-07-14_17-17-28_587 2013-07-14_17-17-51_51 2013-07-14_17-17-55_476 2013-07-14_17-18-01_638 2013-07-14_17-18-07_967 2013-07-14_17-18-15_491 2013-07-14_17-19-12_868 2013-07-14_17-19-32_177 2013-07-14_17-19-58_459 2013-07-14_17-20-03_470 2013-07-14_17-20-37_922 2013-07-14_17-20-48_398 2013-07-14_17-21-55_45 2013-07-14_17-22-09_3 2013-07-14_17-22-19_501 2013-07-14_17-22-24_345 2013-07-14_17-22-30_76 2013-07-14_17-22-52_987 2013-07-14_17-22-56_705 2013-07-14_17-23-20_174 2013-07-14_17-24-18_142 2013-07-14_17-24-28_940 2013-07-14_17-24-35_98 2013-07-14_17-24-49_523 2013-07-14_17-24-57_464 2013-07-14_17-25-19_169 2013-07-15_18-40-51_453 2013-07-16_08-08-47_861 2013-07-16_08-12-46_50 2013-07-17_09-44-40_705 2013-07-17_13-38-04_303 2013-07-18_09-29-07_514 2013-07-18_15-01-01_825 20130714_144145 20130714_171956 20130714_172054 20130714_172057 20130714_172059 20130714_172102 20130714_172105 20130714_172108 20130714_172143 20130714_172644 20130714_174929 20130714_180205 20130717_130856 20130718_145536 20130718_150318 20130718_150735 20130718_160235 IMG951349ver.


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