2013 San Diego Junior Masters

SD Jr. Masters 2013 Leaderboard 7-8The girls played the 2013 San Diego Junior Masters this summer.  I suppose I could have chosen to forego a few extra tournaments and simply take the girls to play multiple practice rounds for Callaway Junior Worlds, but I decided to stick with our multiple tournament schedule.  I wanted the girls to get to experience different venues and tours.

The San Diego Jr. Masters (now named FCG International) is hosted by Future Champions Golf.  The 2-day tournament format  for younger age divisions give players the opportunity to post scores with yardages appropriate for their ages.  As my girls are growing, I don’t have them play very many of these type of tournaments anymore.  So, it mixes it up to squeeze a couple in here and there.

Kayla tees off SD Jr Masters 2013The players were allowed caddies, which is also something my girls have learned to play without.  So, I caddied 8 year old Nalani and I asked a friend to caddie 10 year old Kayla.  The field is a great mix of competition for my girls.  They enjoy meeting players from other countries and the level of competition.  It helps give them a higher bar to reach.  Since the Callaway Junior World Golf Tournament takes place in July every year, many of the competitors also compete in junior tournaments in the area for the month.

Top 5 SD Jr Masters 2013 9-10Kayla competed in a field with 30 players.  She finished -3 after 2 rounds and 3rd place.  It’s a great confidence boost for her to compete in such a big field and place well.  She did however have a little help with a good caddie.  Here’s hoping she learned a few things about course management.  I’m also hoping this is a good indicator of where she may be as she gets older playing full length courses.

Top 5 SD Jr Masters 7-8Nalani competed in a field with 11 players.  She medaled with a score of +2 after 2 rounds and 5th place.  Nalani was extremely frustrated with her round.  She felt she could do better.  She Par’d hole 1 on the 1st day and was so upset at herself for not posting a birdie score that it set the tone for the rest of the tournament.  I’m really hoping I can figure out how to help her control her mental game throughout a round.

I’m very proud of both of the girls.  We chose not to stay local, so it meant going to bed and waking early each day.  We also played a practice round and the girls brought gifts for their fellow players.  They were grouped with girls from Australia, Japan, Philippines and other states.  It was a great experience and they displayed so much discipline throughout it all.  I couldn’t ask for more.Score Board 9-10 SD Jr Masters

The tournament was very well run.  I enjoy FCG’s approach and support to their players.  They send out photographers on the golf course who take professional quality photos that are available to the parents to download for free.  It was such a spectacular experience!

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