Beat by a Girl

Nalani 1st Players TourWhen that girl is your little sister, it’s pretty much okay.

My 8 year old Nalani moved up this season from the Southern California PGA Junior Tour’s Junior Development League to the Players Tour.  She was pretty nervous going into her first tournament of the season.  She also lacked motivation during her practices because she felt she won’t win against the bigger girls.  Since she’s competing in a field of 9 to 11 year olds, including her 10 year old sister Kayla, her confidence seemed to take a drop.

I reminded Nalani that these tournaments are good practice for her, no matter how she performs.  So, just go out there and have fun.

Well, she had fun alright.  She ended up finishing +3 on 9 Holes and a medal for 3rd place, just 1 stroke behind 1st which was tied between 2 players at +2.  She beat her big sister by 1 stroke.

The executive course the girls played had some pretty long holes for Nalani’s distances.  The Par 3′s would have been played by Nalani’s Driver, 3-Wood, 4-Hybrid and 5-Iron.  Both Par 4′s were not reachable in regulation for Nalani’s distances so she still needed to play her 3rd stroke with a wedge and hopefully 1-putt.  Kayla on the other hand was able to reach the Par 4′s in regulation and probably played a 9-iron on at least 2 the Par 3′s.  So, Kayla definitely went into this tournament with an advantage and higher expectations.

Kayla was pretty proud of her little sister.  She did ask that we not rub it in (with a smile on her face) so I’m glad she’s taking this little loss very well.

Nalani ended up started her season with a great confidence booster after all.  Let’s hope that carries to her practice sessions!

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