Become a Freelance Service Provider

Here’s a chapter from my book, “Work at Home:  How a Sports Mom Found a Work at Home Job.”

Becoming a Service Provider

This is basically what I do. I am an independent contractor providing services for multiple businesses. I specialize in one aspect of marketing, hosting prospecting events. It has worked well for me in the information technology industry and is flexible work where I can pick up clients in other industries.

I find almost all of my clients through word of mouth referrals. I do this by networking. So, you want to make sure your information is public:

  1. Set up a webpage: You can pay to do this or do this for free on sites such as Fill up your webpage as you may fill your resume. Talk about what you are good at and what work you are willing to do.
  2. Set up profiles on business networking sites: Go to and set up your profile. This won’t cost a thing. Again, fill it like you would your resume. Another thing you may do is connect with past co-workers and employers. Ask them to write a recommendation about the work you previously did for them.
  3. Network with people: Start talking to people you know and knew. Make sure they are aware that you are looking for work and what your current skills are. Go to networking events and meet new people, bring a business card and then connect with who you’ve met on sites such as Linkedin.
  4. Apply for jobs: Look for jobs in your local newspaper for the actual work you are good at doing even if it does NOT state it is a work at home job. Send in a presentation offering your services as an independent contractor from home. You never know who may respond. I got a response doing this!
  5. Freelance Sites: Find work on freelance sites such as and Set up your profile again as you would on any site. Seek out projects and place bids. You may want to offer lower pricing and over-deliver / over-perform initially so you may build your reputation and ratings.
  6. Make a Brochure: Don’t forget to create a brochure. Keep in mind that you may change your brochure frequently, so don’t invest a large amount of money with a special graphics designer to do this. Just be sure to create a brochure that states what you are able to do as a service, what it includes and what your fees are. Be as clear as possible so that companies do not take advantage of you.
  7. Social Media: Get on every possible social media website. If you provide an actual product, take pictures of it and post on Pinterest. Make sure you create a brand for your product or brand your name if you are a service provider. Create a Facebook Page, Delicious, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  8. Start Blogging: Blogging is a great way for you to learn what it is you are really passionate about. Choose something you can commit to talking about consistently, for me that was being a work at home golf mom. Ideally, you’ll be able to develop your blog to the point that it generates an income stream and eventually be making money doing what you are passionate about.

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Sinnary Sam is a marketing professional specializing in Prospect Marketing Events. She works from home part time and manages her four daughters' busy school and sports schedules.


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2 Responses to Become a Freelance Service Provider

  1. Greta Boris December 14, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    Nice step by step information. You make it sound easy.

  2. Sinnary December 14, 2012 at 11:08 am #

    Thanks Greta, I hope it is easy. It’s just doing it that’s the difficult part.

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