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Exercises Good for Golf

What do you do to stay fit for life and for golf?  Please share exercise routines, classes or programs you participate in.  I’d love your feedback. I recently signed my girls up for a junior golf fitness program run by a TPI Certified fitness trainer.  In past years, my girls have participated in tumbling classes [...]

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Mental Game Toughness

I am sure there is no quick fix solution to the mental game of golf.  I have the books, some on tape to listen to while on the road.  But, when it comes to my girls, I’m at a loss.  The more I’m involved, the more pressure they feel from me as a parent. This [...]

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Learn How to Keep Calm and Carry On

So, we all know that 50% of the game of golf is “mental.”  If we play a hole poorly, we need to be able to let it go and focus on the next shot.  That goes the same for parent spectators. I personally like to spectate to be there for moral support, but to also [...]

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Beat by a Girl

When that girl is your little sister, it’s pretty much okay. My 8 year old Nalani moved up this season from the Southern California PGA Junior Tour’s Junior Development League to the Players Tour.  She was pretty nervous going into her first tournament of the season.  She also lacked motivation during her practices because she [...]

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Back to School

Well, it’s that time of year again, “Back to School!”  I’m sure the other busy, working sports moms can relate to the stress & relief of back to school.  What’s on the list?  Back to school shopping for clothes, shoes, school supplies and spending on tuition and books. I have 2 in college this year. [...]

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2013 San Diego Junior Masters

The girls played the 2013 San Diego Junior Masters this summer.  I suppose I could have chosen to forego a few extra tournaments and simply take the girls to play multiple practice rounds for Callaway Junior Worlds, but I decided to stick with our multiple tournament schedule.  I wanted the girls to get to experience [...]

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Wishing for a Karma Judge

Has someone ever made you so upset that you could feel it in the pit of your stomach?  And, you just know the feeling will only go away after a couple of sleepless nights? That would be me, right now at this very moment. I took Kayla out for a practice round for an upcoming [...]

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2013 Callaway Junior World Golf Championships

This was Nalani’s first year qualifying for the Callaway Junior World Golf Championships.  So, both girls played.  The challenge for us was that the girls played different golf courses almost 40 minutes drive (in no traffic) from each other.  Of course, the morning tee times did not help. We decided to stay at Sycuan, where [...]

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Making Lifetime Friends on the Golf Course

My girls finished playing the season championship for one of their tours today and had such a good time.  The 2-day tournament took place on a golf resort and included a 1-night stay at the resort as well as banquets.  The weather was great, sunny and almost 100 degrees!  Okay, the heat wasn’t so great. [...]

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Nerves of Steel

My girlfriend posted an image on my Facebook wall the other day after hearing about my very hectic schedule.  I don’t know if I really deserve the supermom depiction.  I have to admit, my kids have much more super strength than I do.  They have nerves of steel! Both girls tried out of the Drive, [...]

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