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The Masters Will Have to Wait

Alas, my dear, precious little 8 year old will not be taking a trip to the Masters next year.  Nalani competed at the Southern California Regional Drive, Chip & Putt Championships this past weekend at Morongo Golf Course, Tukwet Canyon in Beaumont. She hit 3 perfectly straight drives running under 140 Yards scoring 8 points [...]

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What’s in Nalani’s Bag for 2013

We ladies love to shop!  But when it comes to golf, I don’t think gender plays a role on equipment shopping.  I’d compare the male golfing species to the ladies shoe addicts. In junior golf however, buying new equipment can happen as often as we buy new shoes for our children.  They just keep growing. [...]

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Golf Mom Story for February

I wonder if anyone really enjoys these or if these stories just make us all the more angry.  I have a theory.  If a child can handle the game of golf independently and in a competitive environment, then there’s a certain level of maturity required of that child.  I’d venture to say this goes for [...]

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How do you manage your CRM?

I admit, one of my biggest challenges is Customer Relationship Management.  I’ve said it before, there are so many variables in marketing and this is one I have not personally mastered. One reason why it’s a challenge is because I tend to procrastinate.  So, as you’ve read on my previous post, my goal for 2013 [...]

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Pay it Forward Networking

How many times have you attended a networking event to hear someone try to sell you something?  I think that’s why so many people avoid “networking.”  When I network, I try my best to find out from people I meet who their ideal networking partner would be. For example, let’s say you’re a mortgage broker [...]

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Skin Health & Beauty for the Sports Family

It rains on average 30 days a year in California so I’ve heard.  This happened last night and today we’re blessed with lovely, cool and cloudy skies.   However, this isn’t the norm here. The hot California sun can be very dangerous to the health of our sports families.  I always make sure I have [...]

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Work 3 Jobs

I was chatting with a friend the other day who told me how he knows a nurse who works three jobs.  And, because the primary corporation owns all three companies she works for, she is paid overtime and double time when combining all of the hours she performs for those three jobs.  Wow!  My first [...]

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