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Finding Affiliates to sell your Golf Products

I am often asked by golf product manufacturers and service providers to help promote them for a commission.  While I appreciate their need to expand their customer reach, I unfortunately can’t simply product promote on every blog.  Now, I don’t think I would mind receiving free product and writing a review about it, but to [...]

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Will Work with WiFi

Where there is WiFi, I will work.  Girls squeezed in some practice before we headed to LA for the Justin Bieber concert.  Yes, I took them to see JB.  They need a life outside of golf after all.  Anyway, that’s another topic for my blog. I never checked to see if our home course had [...]

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The Juggling Act

Here’s a common topic:  the mom’s juggling act.  I’ve been asked, “How do you do it?”  My answer, I let a lot of things slide!  While I’m still stuck handling laundry, I do admit I “outsource” the housecleaning.  My teenagers do the dishes and I have a cleaning service come to my house once a [...]

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5 Ways to Not Work 9 to 5

This country has come a long way from the 9 to 5 work day.  Looks like labor laws have helped make our workdays longer.  Rather than letting employers give employees a free and paid half hour lunch, employers must now give employees 2 free 15 minute breaks and a 1-hour unpaid lunch.  Personally, I’d rather [...]

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Pay Per Click Ads Targeted to Specific Job Positions

Do you have advertising campaigns that would benefit from targeting web visitors who fill a very specific job role?  Google doesn’t have that demographic data available for their campaigns. However, Linkedin does. So, if you are a health insurance broker, you could in fact run an ad campaign targeting Human Resources Managers.  Or, if you [...]

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How to Crop a Video

For any of you that are posting videos to Youtube, I’m sure we share some of the same challenges.   I have worked with several different video editors and I’m not a graphics professional so it was previously a frustrating experience.  I did however find a great video editing software that has been easy enough [...]

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The Multi-Tasking Mom Award

 Several of my Facebook friends comment on how dizzy I make them when I periodically post my hectic schedule for a day.  But in this case, I was actually given an award for being a multi-tasking maniac! Thanks Kelly Land with for offering this award to me.  I am honored.  I started this blog [...]

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Home Office Must Haves

In my first post for 2013 I shared the fact that I’d stay on top of keeping my desk clean this year.  Today, I’d like to learn how your home office is set up and why it’s functional for you.  I sure could use some pointers in this area. My home office was originally our [...]

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You can Just Do It!

Keeping my desk clean is one of my biggest challenges.  It seems that my desk is my 4th quadrant in prioritizing.  There are days that I sit down and decide to focus all my attention on cleaning off the piles on my desk.  What happens in this case is that those piles are usually diverted [...]

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When it Doesn’t Work

My sister who is a chef comes over once in a while and will cook at my house with me.  Her biggest complaint is usually that my selection of knives are never at the level of her standard for professional cutlery.  Today however, she started complaining that one of my appliances wasn’t working.  I knew [...]

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