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Sell a Packaged Service & Outsource the Work

The best thing to happen in your independent, work from home career is to start receiving calls from people you may or may not know asking if you know how to do something.  The challenge is often times, you may not.  But, if you are getting enough calls asking about a certain aspect of your [...]

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Working as an Event Planner

One of my daughters turned 17 today.  Yes, her birthday falls on Veterans Day.  She has never, ever had to go to school on the day she celebrates her birth.  Adding up the ages of all of my children, I estimate I’ve thrown now over 50 parties.  And, that doesn’t include the bridal showers, baby [...]

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Sharpen your Saw & Take a Break

You’ve heard the story right?  Two men have this race where they saw wooden logs and the man that took breaks to sharpen his saw ended up winning over the man that tried to saw through the wood the entire time without stopping to sharpen it.  It’s a great reminder for life, work and business. [...]

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Finding Online Contract Work Opportunities

Finding work is probably the biggest hurdle for any person looking.  And, this is for both regular job seekers and work at home income seekers. I recommend finding local work.  Yes, you don’t have to work for a local company to work from home.  But, you’ll be able to establish a relationship and sell your [...]

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Consider a Job in Marketing

If you are looking for a field where you can pick up multiple clients, I would strongly recommend marketing.  It seems like everyone is an expert in one form or another.  And, there are so many different ways to market. I personally do Prospect Marketing through Events.  Yes, it is very specific.  While it may [...]

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If it wasn’t for the Last Minute, Nothing would get Done!

I hate waiting until the last minute.  It’s risky business.  What if you run out of time?  What if your printer runs out of ink and the local office supply store is closed?  There are too many what ifs.  But, sometimes it’s out of your control. It is now a Thursday morning and because I [...]

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Managing your Workload & Staying Organized

One of my biggest challenges in managing multiple projects is staying organized.  It’s all in the details right and that’s why people pay us the big bucks! Personally, I like mind mapping.  I’m a visual person so I like pictures, especially when they’re pretty and organized.  Mind mapping allows me to create a focused topic [...]

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If You Build It, They Will Come

If you are looking to build a database of prospective clients, consider starting a group on social media websites such as Linkedin or Facebook.  For those of you already on these sites, I’m sure you may have started joining groups, and may have even started or commented on some discussions.  But the power in prospecting and [...]

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Employer Pros & Cons to hiring Teleworkers

You may love the concept of working from home and getting paid to do it and you probably have a small idea of why most employers aren’t fully embracing the concept.  There are several pros but there are several cons too, and they can be quite expensive.  Laws vary in each state so what I [...]

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Office at the Coffee Shop

This morning I sat at a local coffee shop and got about 2 hours of work done.  I had to drop my daughter off at class which is a 40 minute drive from the house.  So, rather than driving all the way back home, I just went across the street, got a cup of tea [...]

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