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Job vs. Contract Work vs. Sales vs. Business

There are a few different possibilities for working at home.  You may either find a job that allows you to work from home, get some contract work (1099) and pick up a small handful of clients to do work for, be a salesperson or start a business.  Everyone is different, so what you choose to [...]

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5 Networking Tips

When I first left my regular, full time job and started to sell, the first thing I learned was how to network.  I wish I networked before.  Having a good network of contacts would have been a valuable asset in some of my job duties. I joined a networking group that met right around the [...]

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Network on Linkedin

This is the biggest challenge for many of us. Finding a job is just like going into business for yourself. There’s always someone you must sell to. Whatever it is you are offering, you must have the ability to convince someone else that they should be willing to spend their money on you. Once you [...]

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Outsourcing your Job

I ran a direct mail marketing campaign this week and yes, I loaded everything up into the car and brought it home.  I really didn’t feel like sitting at the office and stuffing 1,400 envelopes.  But, I did print everything at the office, obviously not wanting to use my printer’s ink and the office has [...]

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Hosting an Event

I work from home about 90% of the time.  Because my job is marketing, I am required to be at the events I put together.  In this case, I was hosting an Information Technology type event at the demonstration facility for Polycom in Irvine.  I put the event together for a client and marketed it [...]

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