Golf Mom Story for October 2012

I think I like to share these stories to remind myself not to be “one of those parents.”

This weekend, my 9-year old played a golf tournament at a very difficult course.  It wasn’t long, but the fairways were very narrow with hazards.  Another little girl hit her ball into the water.  Well, her father proceeded to yell at her and had her hit another tee-shot.  First of all, at this tournament, no parent advice was allowed.  Secondly, the little girl did not have to hit another tee shot, she could have simply walked up to the water, dropped another ball at the edge, and played the rest of her hole from there.  So, basically, she’s at a disadvantage by teeing off again.  Think movie, “Tin Cup.”

Well, she hit another ball right into the water, with her father standing right next to the pond.  And, he yells, “AGAIN!”  The poor little girl tees off 4 times before finally landing her ball in the fairway.

I wonder sometimes because this little girl actually plays golf very well and seems to have a very tough mental game.  She did not once crumble and cry, whine or bang her golf clubs on the ground.  Does her father’s loud, rather violent attitude help toughen her skin?

I don’t know but as I walk alongside the young foursome, complaining about my own daughter’s shot selection out of earshot with another parent, I wonder if I’m just as bad.

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Sinnary Sam is a marketing professional specializing in Prospect Marketing Events. She works from home part time and manages her four daughters' busy school and sports schedules.
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