Skin Health & Beauty for the Sports Family

It rains on average 30 days a year in California so I’ve heard.  This happened last night and today we’re blessed with lovely, cool and cloudy skies.   However, this isn’t the norm here.

The hot California sun can be very dangerous to the health of our sports families.  I always make sure I have SPF 50 or more sunscreen in each car, golf bag and golf cart.  Another golf mom mentioned that she developed cancer on her ear.  That had never even occurred to me.  I made sure my children were covered on the face, neck, arms and such, but I never bothered to rub sunscreen on and around their ears.  Now I know.

Now, our skin needs to rejuvenate at night as well.  I am a big advocate of organic, all natural products and foods (whenever possible).  A product that I can’t live without is my Nerium night cream.  At my age, I start to find a new wrinkle every week and my skin tone is often uneven due to my sun exposure.  But, using a good night cream has helped tremendously in evening out my skin tone and keeping those wrinkles away.   My daughters also use the same night cream, as it is all natural, it is safe for them to use.

As I mention and link to Nerium on this page, I do also want you to understand one aspect of the process of working at home and developing your passive income.  The link takes you directly to my personal Nerium sales page.  Yes, this is self serving, but I would never recommend it if I didn’t love the product myself.  For your own personal home based income, you may want to consider certain direct sales products that you love to use and if they fit in with your own blogging topics or services, be sure to try your best to capitalize on recommending it.

I am personally approached quite often from people who recruit direct sales.  On occasion I’ll give something a try if I have a need for it.  On fewer occasions I’ll continue to buy or sign up for auto-ship.   And, on even fewer occasions, I’ll sign up to sell the product.  If it fits and works, I don’t mind recommending it.

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Sinnary Sam is a marketing professional specializing in Prospect Marketing Events. She works from home part time and manages her four daughters' busy school and sports schedules.

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  1. Oscar Gonzalez November 30, 2012 at 11:17 pm #

    SPF50!? That’s crazy I think I usually stick to about 32. As for the 30 days of rain in socal, I thought we got even less but the few sprinkles over the past few weeks we’ve had recently are a nice change to the usual heat.


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