How to Get Your Child to Practice 100 Chips and Putts

Chip & Putt PracticeWe haven’t spent very much time on short game because our focus during the limited practice sessions has been on swing development and consistency. But, we’re trying to squeeze in more short game practice, obviously knowing how important it is.

At first, the girls would practice with 3 or 4 balls. They’d hit the same chip or pitch. Then, pick up their balls and hit another shot, but that same shot 3 or 4 times. I think that’s great. But, when they play tournaments, they don’t get 3 or 4 opportunities to hit the same shot to try and get it closer. So, I’ve often wondered how others practice to improve on this.

As we were wrapping up some putting practice the other day, I asked the girls to try and finish up with at least 5 (non-consecutive) chips and one-putts, all from different spots or to different holes on the green. They finished up rather quickly and were ready to head to the car!

So, the following practice, I decided to start with short game first.  I asked them to complete at least 25 (non-consecutive) varying chips with 1-putts.  They averaged I’d say maybe 1 out of 4 successfully. So, I would estimate they finished about 100 attempted chips and 1-putts.

Now, let’s hope they don’t catch on.

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