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Exercise BallsWhat do you do to stay fit for life and for golf?  Please share exercise routines, classes or programs you participate in.  I’d love your feedback.

I recently signed my girls up for a junior golf fitness program run by a TPI Certified fitness trainer.  In past years, my girls have participated in tumbling classes at the local cheerleading gym.  The classes helped them develop strength, flexibility and balance; all good for golf.

Stretch and Balance with Mike HansenBut, they decided they don’t prefer the classes because of the coaching style.  So, when a new fitness class geared specifically for golf opened up, we decided to give it a try.

At first, the girls were rather skeptical and the initial complaint was, “Why does everything we do have to do with golf?”  I insisted they just give it a try, hoping that the class is mostly fun and fitness.  I actually wanted to find them something healthy to do that was NOT golf.  And we really didn’t want to squeeze in the commitment to a team sport such as soccer or softball.  The girls decided they were too shy to join a dance program.  So, options seemed a bit limited.

Rain and Rainbow

As it turned out, the girls loved the fitness program!  They were even sore the next day (a sign of a good workout?).

The following week, it rained here in Southern California and the girls even voiced their concerns that the class would be canceled due to the rain.  As it turned out, we were able to use our golf rain gear perhaps for the very first time.  They had a blast and loved it!

For more information, the program is called SoCal Junior Golf Performance run by Mike Hansen with Hansen Fitness for Golf, a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Expert.

Again, please share what you do to stay fit for life and golf.




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