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Keep Calm

So, we all know that 50% of the game of golf is “mental.”  If we play a hole poorly, we need to be able to let it go and focus on the next shot.  That goes the same for parent spectators.

I personally like to spectate to be there for moral support, but to also see if there’s a trend in the mistakes my girls are making out there so we know what they need to work on.

I am however guilty of holding on to disappointment and really do need to learn to practice the motto of letting go.

130915 SCPGA ScoreMy girls both played a Southern California PGA Jr. Tour match yesterday.  Parent spectators were not allowed, but we were able to see how they performed on holes 1 and 9.  I watched my 10 year old Kayla play a very short Par 4, Hole 1.  After outdriving the entire field, she had the opportunity to play very well with a wedge shot to the green.  Well, she ended up pulling her shot way left and it didn’t even land on the green.  The other players were using hybrids and woods to reach the green in 2.  So, Kayla should have had a very good advantage.  She ended up with a bogey score on number 1.  So, I fumed about it for the next two hours until the players finally wrapped up their round.

At the end, Kayla finished the round Even Par taking 1st place in the match by 3 strokes.  So, here I was not quite keeping my calm and not quite letting go.  Kayla however was able to do just that, let go, learn and in the end gave herself a strong finish.

There’s so much I can learn from my own kids.

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