Pay Per Click Ads Targeted to Specific Job Positions

Do you have advertising campaigns that would benefit from targeting web visitors who fill a very specific job role?  Google doesn’t have that demographic data available for their campaigns. However, Linkedin does.

So, if you are a health insurance broker, you could in fact run an ad campaign targeting Human Resources Managers.  Or, if you are in Information Technology, you could run a campaign targeting the Chief Information Officer of a company.  You could even specify the size of the company the prospect works for.  No wasted and expensive clicks!

Linkedin PPC

The campaign I’m running is specifically to promote my blog.  Based on the criteria I entered, there are 1.3 million potential prospects that may view my ad.

I specified three job functions:  Administrative, Sales and Marketing.

I even specified gender:  Female.  Perhaps women will more easily relate to my blog then men.  Not sure, but worth giving it a try.  If it means my conversion after click through rate is higher, then it is worth it to not waste the costs per click.

I was also able to specify age range based on my targeted demographic.  Now, the system does allow us to specify geographic location, in this case, I chose all of the U.S.  For my clients, I have narrowed down to specific states and counties even, but in this case I didn’t need to.

I always recommend giving your campaign a budget and end date.  You want to make sure you evaluate it to see how it’s doing at the end and make adjustments to test things out.

Linkedin also allows you to create different ads, and you can see performance per ad as well.  It’s great to compare if your ad with a free offer got more clicks then your ad simply inviting people to your site.

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