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We replaced the girls’ clubs which seemed to take months of research, testing & fittings.  The last club in the bag to replace were their putters.  As it turns out, we did replace Kayla’s putter while making some adjustments to Nalani’s.  Here’s what we did.

Nalani's Putter Fitting Image 1After some phone calls, I found a local shop called The Club Fix that did putter fittings.  They have a special system specifically designed to analyze the putter stroke.  There is a fee for a putter fitting, of which I asked if there was a discount, which they did give for junior golfers (thank goodness!).

Nalani's Putter Fitting Image 2The golf professional had the girls putt 10 12-foot putts.  Here’s the feedback we got for Nalani’s putting stroke.

She was pulling her putts to the left slightly, but that’s something we have been correcting.  Once she’s reminded of this, she’ll make a straight putt.  That said, the pro recommended a blade putter for her stroke.  Since her current club was a blade (made by US Kids), we simply had them add on 2 inches to the shaft length, replace with a (pink) grip and bend the putter to fit loft, lie and angle.Nalani Putter Fitting Image 3

It had never occurred to me that putters have loft.  The pro explained that this is important to avoid that little “hop” the ball sometimes does when the putter impacts the ball.  So, that was adjusted as well.  I always thought that angle would make a big difference, not every player is the same height, so how can any club fit without these slight adjustments?  I’m so glad we did this and hope this continues to help save strokes for the girls!

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