Rain Gear We Never Use

Paul & Kayla on a Rainy DayWe finally had a cold, wet weekend of golf.  Should I celebrate?  Well, Southern California could always use the rain.  We are so spoiled here with the great golf weather we consistently have.

In the golf bags the girls each have a pair of rain pants we purchased from REI that they’ve never used.  And, as it turns out, the rain wasn’t so severe that they needed said rain pants this weekend.  But they have them, just in case.  Of course, Kayla’s won’t fit her next year which is fine since we can pass down the never used pants to her younger sister.

The girls are also equipped with mini-umbrellas to protect their golf clubs.  Now those I think are a great investment.  If you have ever played in the (pouring) rain, you’ll know that keeping your clubs reasonably dry is near impossible.  They’re also just so cute!

Also in the bag are ear warmers, beanies, hand warmers and rain gloves.  What I’d like to find is a water resistant rain jacket that stretches.  I’ve purchased a handful of rain jackets, but my girls can’t seem to make a full swing in any of them because the fabrics don’t stretch.  Luckily, we haven’t had a real need (knock on wood), but if someone could invent an elastic fabric that is water resistant, I’m sure athletes everywhere would rejoice.

Does anyone have suggestions to apparel out there for rain?

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