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Starting My New Year Resolution Early

I’d like to take up jogging.  Waiting for a day that’s not too hot, where I have an extra 2 hours to spare and I’m not suffering from a cold, back pain or other physical ailment that hits a person my age. In the meanwhile, I’ll sit comfortably in my car checking emails while the [...]

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Exercises Good for Golf

What do you do to stay fit for life and for golf?  Please share exercise routines, classes or programs you participate in.  I’d love your feedback. I recently signed my girls up for a junior golf fitness program run by a TPI Certified fitness trainer.  In past years, my girls have participated in tumbling classes [...]

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What Gym Membership?

It is probably common knowledge that a large number of gym memberships are under-utilized.  People have difficulty setting aside time to exercise right?  And, I’m sure my fellow sports parents can appreciate this.  In between work, school, homework, practices and tournaments / games, how are we to have any time left in our days for [...]

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