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Inside the Ropes at Northern Trust Open

Well it has been a pretty fun month for the girls.  This past Tuesday, both girls got the chance to follow PGA Tour Player Tony Finau on his practice round for the Northern Trust Open at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades.  They absolutely loved the experience.  The girls kept quiet, kept their distance and [...]

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Rain Gear We Never Use

We finally had a cold, wet weekend of golf.  Should I celebrate?  Well, Southern California could always use the rain.  We are so spoiled here with the great golf weather we consistently have. In the golf bags the girls each have a pair of rain pants we purchased from REI that they’ve never used.  And, [...]

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Wishing for a Karma Judge

Has someone ever made you so upset that you could feel it in the pit of your stomach?  And, you just know the feeling will only go away after a couple of sleepless nights? That would be me, right now at this very moment. I took Kayla out for a practice round for an upcoming [...]

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Making Lifetime Friends on the Golf Course

My girls finished playing the season championship for one of their tours today and had such a good time.  The 2-day tournament took place on a golf resort and included a 1-night stay at the resort as well as banquets.  The weather was great, sunny and almost 100 degrees!  Okay, the heat wasn’t so great. [...]

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Putter Fittings

We replaced the girls’ clubs which seemed to take months of research, testing & fittings.  The last club in the bag to replace were their putters.  As it turns out, we did replace Kayla’s putter while making some adjustments to Nalani’s.  Here’s what we did. After some phone calls, I found a local shop called [...]

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How to Get Your Child to Practice 100 Chips and Putts

We haven’t spent very much time on short game because our focus during the limited practice sessions has been on swing development and consistency. But, we’re trying to squeeze in more short game practice, obviously knowing how important it is. At first, the girls would practice with 3 or 4 balls. They’d hit the same [...]

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Warming Up

I always plan to arrive at least one hour early to each tournament for warm up.  The girls spend a couple of minutes stretching which is additionally imperative when they’ve been sitting in the car for an hour or two.  They warm up their swing on the range and practice chipping and putting if there’s [...]

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Golf Mom Story for January 2013

They are just so cute when they’re little!  I’m sure I’m going to miss this when my girls grow up. The girls played the San Diego Junior Amateur last week and we’re still celebrating Nalani’s hole in one.  But since she didn’t perform well overall, we’ve been working on her confidence this past week.  She [...]

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Skin Health & Beauty for the Sports Family

It rains on average 30 days a year in California so I’ve heard.  This happened last night and today we’re blessed with lovely, cool and cloudy skies.   However, this isn’t the norm here. The hot California sun can be very dangerous to the health of our sports families.  I always make sure I have [...]

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Visual Learning for Course Management

My 9 year old Kayla played a horrible round last weekend.  Well, that’s just golf.  Sometimes, her swing is simply off and she’s just not hitting the ball well.  However, there are times when her inexperience and lack of understanding of course management causes her to make mistakes.  That’s when I sit down with her [...]

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