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When the Golf Game Clicks

My husband Paul is always saying, “The putting will come.”  That’s one of the biggest set backs to executing amazing scores when the girls’ have been so successful striking the ball.  Play a tournament and 3-putt four times, that became a norm.  Yes, they should work on putting.  Yes, they should practice putting more than [...]

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Inside the Ropes at Northern Trust Open

Well it has been a pretty fun month for the girls.  This past Tuesday, both girls got the chance to follow PGA Tour Player Tony Finau on his practice round for the Northern Trust Open at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades.  They absolutely loved the experience.  The girls kept quiet, kept their distance and [...]

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2013 Callaway Junior World Golf Championships

This was Nalani’s first year qualifying for the Callaway Junior World Golf Championships.  So, both girls played.  The challenge for us was that the girls played different golf courses almost 40 minutes drive (in no traffic) from each other.  Of course, the morning tee times did not help. We decided to stay at Sycuan, where [...]

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Nerves of Steel

My girlfriend posted an image on my Facebook wall the other day after hearing about my very hectic schedule.  I don’t know if I really deserve the supermom depiction.  I have to admit, my kids have much more super strength than I do.  They have nerves of steel! Both girls tried out of the Drive, [...]

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The Road to College Golf

For any of you parents with a daughter, the word is that there are thousands of dollars worth of girls golf scholarships that aren’t used every year.  While this is true, the big question is how do we find them and how much are they worth? My oldest daughter Shy started playing golf rather late; [...]

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Where to Start in Junior Tours

Golf is an individual sport.  So, it’s not like Pop Warner or Little League where all we have to do is sign up our kids and there’s a schedule already in place managed by a handful of parent volunteers.  Junior golf tournaments are important to building confidence, learning rules and growing the mental game.  It [...]

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Getting Started in Tournaments

I’m often asked by other parents when a child should start playing junior golf tournaments.  Personally, I believe as a parent, we should make sure the child is prepared. Here are a few things you may want to do to prepare your child before he or she plays the first tournament: Skill Level:  I remember [...]

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Getting Started in Junior Golf

I’m often asked how I got my girls started in golf.  I must admit, we didn’t have an action plan in place for our girls and really were rather green to the level of junior competitive golf in our region.  When Kayla played the Callaway Junior Worlds for the first time, I certainly felt like [...]

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The Juggling Act

Here’s a common topic:  the mom’s juggling act.  I’ve been asked, “How do you do it?”  My answer, I let a lot of things slide!  While I’m still stuck handling laundry, I do admit I “outsource” the housecleaning.  My teenagers do the dishes and I have a cleaning service come to my house once a [...]

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What’s in the Bag

Golfers, young and old face the same challenge, which clubs are the best?  And the easy answer is, that depends!  Even if you and Tiger Woods were the exact same height, would you be able to play golf with the same equipment he uses?  There are so many variables in golf as a sport as it is, [...]

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