The Hole in One Ball

Titleist NXT Tour Yellow Soft

Nalani made her hole in one at just 8 years old playing the Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow Golf Ball.  She’s played with this ball for some time now.

In the past, she’s used U.S. Kids Golf Balls and Nike Women’s Golf Balls.  Little girls have a preference for pink.  But, even at the young age of 7, she became particular about her golf balls.

Whether on the green or off the tee, she knows what she’s comfortable with and she has the drive to win.  Playing well is important to her.

In any sport, equipment is an important part of performance.  Basketball players are always wearing the latest and greatest sneakers.  Soccer players must have comfortable but capable cleats.  Their balls have to be in good shape as well.

Obviously other factors contribute to an athlete’s performance including coaching, practice, physical fitness and natural ability.

In the case of a golf ball, not any one ball is perfect for any player.  There are so many variables involved.  Nalani seems to play well with this ball because it’s softer than others.  For a junior golfer this is important.  She’s a very solid ball striker, but at her age, her swing speed isn’t like a pro.  So, this ball helps reduce the number of errant shots.

In work, our equipment is important as well to help in our success.  I’m not saying to go out and make sure your home office has the latest and greatest, but it’s good to minimally have a functional and private home office.  I have a built in desk area at the end of our kitchen that I previously used but it wasn’t private enough.  It now houses the children’s computer and I moved my home office into what was formerly our laundry room.  Since then, I’ve built in a large shelf which is my desk and additional shelves for storage.

In a recent post I also shared a couple of my own home office must haves.

What equipment do you use for sports or work?

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