The Road to College Golf

Shy IVC State ChampsFor any of you parents with a daughter, the word is that there are thousands of dollars worth of girls golf scholarships that aren’t used every year.  While this is true, the big question is how do we find them and how much are they worth?

My oldest daughter Shy started playing golf rather late; her freshman year in high school. Now, if a girl wanted to pick up a sport like softball or soccer at that age, their chances of playing at the college level would be slim to none.  But, for golf it is very different.  However, there’s still some level of effort required.

First, your daughter does not have to be a spectacular golfer but should still have a decent average.  A big requirement is actually good academic performance.  Team budgets are tight and coaches want to spare as much of their scholarship fund in the event they can recruit an excellent player.  So, they’d rather squeeze in as much academic scholarship and financial aid as they can.  So, your daughter may be averaging low to mid-80′s but have great grades and still qualify for a scholarship.

Now, if that’s what she’s averaging, you probably won’t get coaches knocking on your front door.  You or your daughter will have to do some legwork.  You’ll need to get in touch with coaches.  Look at schools your daughter is interested in attending based on her major.  Look at their team roster and their scoring averages.   If they have 3 seniors leaving and there are a couple of underclassmen shooting in the mid-80′s, then they may be eager for players.  It will be up to you to get in touch with those coaches.

A site I recommend is College Coaches Online.  You’ll be able to research schools in all divisions including NAIA.

Now, my daughter ended up choosing to attend a local junior college and play on their team.  They did end up making it to states and winning.  So, that was a great experience.  This also gives her a chance to improve her scoring average over the next two years and hopefully be able to transfer into a university and play on their team.

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