The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

Nalani Hole in One

Today’s Highlight:  Nalani makes her first Hole in One!

But, even with that amazing success, she struggled on the course.  After round one of the San Diego Junior Amateurs, Nalani’s last in the field.  She wasn’t able to Par a single hole on the front nine that happened to include her hole in one. She hit a ball into the hazard and couldn’t recover because she was so upset for taking a penalty.

So, going into the back nine, tired and upset, she played the rest of the day as if it were over already.

My effort this afternoon was to focus fully on her hole in one.  It was such a major success.  She even spoke to her father on the phone who congratulated her.  We reminded her to gloat a bit since he’s never had a hole in one himself (though he has had a double eagle which is more rare).

We all have had bad days.  It’s just another tournament and there’s always tomorrow.  Perhaps she can play at her normal level tomorrow, and if not, it’s okay.  There are other tournaments.  But, not everyone can say they’ve had a hole in one.

Isn’t life and work a lot like this?  We have our ups and downs.  Why focus on the downs?  Let’s enjoy our successes!  It doesn’t mean we should ignore something if it’s a problem.  If it’s something we have control over, let’s do something about it.  If it’s the last hole we’ve played, it’s over with and there’s no point in dwelling on it.

Nalani’s challenge today was simply her chipping and putting. She wasn’t executing her chips and approach shots well enough.  And then didn’t save with her putting.  Unfortunately, as much as we practice, sometimes she’s just having an off day and there’s little that can be done. It is however a humbling experience and she insists she wants help with putting and will now spend a bit more time working with her father (AKA golf coach) on putting.

So, no matter how bad your day, find something bright about it and if there’s room for improvement, work on that tomorrow. In the meanwhile, know that you’ll take care of it and let it go.  After all, if an 8 year old can, why shouldn’t we?

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2 Responses to The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow

  1. nikki January 3, 2013 at 9:26 pm #

    Congrats to Nalani! A hole in one is incredible! But so is learning the lesson to let it go! Great job mom!

  2. Sinnary January 3, 2013 at 9:35 pm #

    Thanks Nikki. It’s so hard. She was so bummed and couldn’t enjoy her amazing success. She kept explaining that even if she does better tomorrow, they’re going to add the total score together from today. For such a little girl, she understands so much.

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