Warming Up

IMG_20130223_111913I always plan to arrive at least one hour early to each tournament for warm up.  The girls spend a couple of minutes stretching which is additionally imperative when they’ve been sitting in the car for an hour or two.  They warm up their swing on the range and practice chipping and putting if there’s an area for it at the golf course.

It’s important to warm up their putting at the practice greens to hopefully get an idea of the speed of the greens on the golf course.  The challenge of course is when the practice green is maintained differently.

Grass and fairway conditions are always different at each golf course. So, getting a feel for the grass in the chipping area does help too.

The girls played a tournament in San Diego recently at a golf course that didn’t have a range.  So, I made sure I added a stop at a driving range a couple miles down the road from the golf course.  I fit in enough time to our commute to stop, warm up at their range and chipping area, the time to drive to the tournament location, and additionally warm up on the putting green there.  It does make for a long day, but being prepared makes a big difference on the outcome and their level of contentment after the round.

What do you do to warm up before a tournament?

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