What’s in Nalani’s Bag for 2013

Nalani Clubs 2013We ladies love to shop!  But when it comes to golf, I don’t think gender plays a role on equipment shopping.  I’d compare the male golfing species to the ladies shoe addicts.

In junior golf however, buying new equipment can happen as often as we buy new shoes for our children.  They just keep growing.  And, well who are we to complain?

Nalani’s bag was the first to be re-outfitted this year.  Lucky her and she’s excited!  Nalani is now almost 52″ tall.  We were in luck because U.S. Kids Golf just so happens to be clearing out their stock to make way for a new line to be released in April.  So, her clubs were discounted.  Bonus!

Nalani is now playing the US Kids Tour Series Irons for 51″ height.  She has all of her irons: Sand Wedge, Gap Wedge, Pitching Wedge, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5 irons.  We chose not to use the Driver, Wood and Hybrid from the set.

For her longer clubs, we ordered the the Ping junior size Driver, 3-Wood and 4-Hybrid.  She’s very happy with her ball striking with the long clubs.  The irons may take her a little time to get used to, so we may have her choke down on them just a little.  These clubs are not that much longer than her other clubs, not even 2 inches with some of them.  But, going too big may frustrate her if she can’t strike the ball well.

H Charm for Hybrid CoverThe funny thing about the Ping head covers is that they’re not labeled.  Since the wood and hybrid are so close in size, I had to stitch a little charm at the top of the club head cover so she’ll know which club is which.

We haven’t replaced her putter yet.  We decided to wait until she’s had time to adjust to her other clubs before trying to fit her for a new putter.  At current, she’s using the US Kids putter that came with her previous set.

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    • Sinnary February 18, 2013 at 8:41 am #

      Thanks Mary Louise! I’ll definitely check it out! Love that about girls, we can dress them up!

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