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Golfers, young and old face the same challenge, which clubs are the best?  And the easy answer is, that depends!  Even if you and Tiger Woods were the exact same height, would you be able to play golf with the same equipment he uses?  There are so many variables in golf as a sport as it is, factor in our bodies and you have to agree, everyone is different.  But, in the world of junior golf, there’s a limited selection of equipment available to us.  And, children are always growing.

Callaway Junior Girls

In Kayla’s bag this past year:

She’s pretty solid currently with her 3-wood, reaching 140-150 yards and pretty straight.  She’s also solid with the hybrid at about 130-135 yards consistently straight.

Our plan is to get Kayla the US Kids 57″ Tour Series irons.  We’re waiting for the shop to receive another sample club so we can compare her swing with the exact same club in both graphite and iron.  With her swing speed, there’s a possibility we’ll choose the iron over graphite.  But, I wanted to make sure she physically tests it out.  Once that’s determined and we order the set, we’ll likely test out the angle of the club head and have the clubs bent to fit her stance.

As far as her driver, wood and hybrids go, we may have her fully fitted for those at a manufacturer neutral location.  I expect to go with ladies clubs and have them custom fitted to her height.

Nike Jr Golf ClubsIn Nalani’s bag this past year:

For Nalani, each set was not quite complete.  One set came with the odd number irons while the other came with the even number irons.  She has the driver and hybrid from her Nike set and the 3-wood from her US Kids set.  She hasn’t seemed to ever hit solid with the 3-wood however, so we simply pulled that from her bag.

I’ve brought Nalani to the shop a couple of times and had her test out a couple of different junior clubs.  It looks like our plan this time around will be to get her driver, wood and hybrid from Ping while we complete with a full set of the US Kids irons in the Tour series.

We haven’t even started working on putters.  Practice and tournaments alone consume so much time, I never realized how much effort it would be just to figure out which clubs will also work best.  Junior clubs are reasonably priced compared to adult clubs.  But, I do recommend confirming the fit with a professional and having the wedges checked to see if they should be bent to fit better. It could mean more birdie opportunities!

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