When it Doesn’t Work

Mixer and OutletMy sister who is a chef comes over once in a while and will cook at my house with me.  Her biggest complaint is usually that my selection of knives are never at the level of her standard for professional cutlery.  Today however, she started complaining that one of my appliances wasn’t working.  I knew this couldn’t be possible, after all, I almost never use my appliances.  So, upon taking a look, I decided it wasn’t the appliance but the fact that the electrical outlet wasn’t working.

Have you ever struggled with a problem and realized that you were looking in the wrong place?

I know I do this all of the time.  Especially when it comes to my websites and marketing.  I tend to over-analyze and focus on researching apps, plugins, you name it.  When, the answer will lie elsewhere.  I had a client recently have a problem with some automated posts they wanted made to their Facebook business pages.  All of the research I did through Facebook got me no where.  But, looking at an independent solution outside of Facebook answered my challenge.

The organization I run, FORE Networking is focused on providing networking opportunities to golfers.  I would stress over my conversion rate of guests to becoming members.  I’ve hired marketing consultants, did process changes, tested different sales methods.  In the end, I realized it had little to do with what we did at our events or how we “sold” the membership.  It had everything to do with who attended.  So, I had to change my focus to market to the right demographic and that solved my problem.

When was the last time you struggled for an answer and found it outside of where you thought it should be?

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Sinnary Sam is a marketing professional specializing in Prospect Marketing Events. She works from home part time and manages her four daughters' busy school and sports schedules.

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