Wishing for a Karma Judge

Has someone ever made you so upset that you could feel it in the pit of your stomach?  And, you just know the feeling will only go away after a couple of sleepless nights?

That would be me, right now at this very moment.

I took Kayla out for a practice round for an upcoming 2-day tournament being hosted at a private golf club.  This was NOT an inexpensive 9-hole round.  Being a very quiet Monday afternoon with no players in front or behind us, we took our time but did keep our pace up.  I even rented a cart.

After Kayla tees off at number 6, we overhear a cart pulling up behind us as we start driving down the fairway.  I didn’t think very much of it other than we had better now keep our pace up since someone seems to have caught up.

But, as Kayla went to hit her 2nd shot, a couple in another cart (with no golf clubs) criticizes us for skipping in front of the gentleman at the tee box.  My first reaction is, “What?”  They proceed to scold me about the rules of golf.  My response was, “We did no such thing and I know the rules of golf.  I have no idea what they are talking about. I verified we were on the same golf course, “Lakes” because there are 3 9-hole courses here and perhaps we turned off onto the wrong hole.  But, they confirmed we were still on the Lakes.  So, in that case, I have no clue how someone may presume I cut in front of them on a hole.

After the distraction, I tell Kayla to go ahead & finish playing her ball, which she attempts to do, but the man at the tee box is yelling something, which was not FORE.  And, from the looks of it, he’s trying to tee off.  What?  He’s going to hit my little girl who is in the middle of the fairway?

A minute later, he drives up to us in his cart, yelling non-stop that we’ve cut in front of him and that we should know and follow the rules of golf.  He did not let up one bit.  He continued to yell that he was standing at the tee box and we cut in front of him.  I told him, if he were standing at the tee box, there’s no way I would have missed his golf cart to pull up and have my daughter tee off at the forward tees.  If he was there, I apologize, but I did not see him.  I tried to figure out why in the world he felt we did something like this, but all he could do was yell and scream.  So, I had Kayla pick up her ball, and we parked at the next tee box waiting for him to play through.  Needless to say, he disappeared, so I called the clubhouse.

As it turns out, the employee at the clubhouse said he didn’t know the man, but the man came in complaining about my actions.  So, he wasn’t even a member of the club.  He said that the man saw us cut across into the fairway from hole #8.  I just wanted to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong.  I asked if it was a 2-tier tee box and perhaps I didn’t see the black tees which may have been behind us and the clubhouse staff confirmed it was not, there was only 1 very large tee box and they were all visible from where we were.

Well, this is my vent.  I seriously don’t wish for karma, I would prefer someone put this person in his place.  Had my husband been with me, would he have yelled and screamed in my face in such a rude manner?  I did absolutely nothing wrong. My little 10 year old daughter did nothing wrong, and this person felt it his right to treat us in such a way.  But, if I can’t have a judge discipline him for what he’s done, then I’ll take karma.

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