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I was chatting with a friend the other day who told me how he knows a nurse who works three jobs.  And, because the primary corporation owns all three companies she works for, she is paid overtime and double time when combining all of the hours she performs for those three jobs.  Wow!  My first reaction was my concern on how she can manage all of those work hours.

But, as I consider it, I see that it is in fact feasible.  I, after all, work three jobs.  I do my marketing consulting work, which takes up a block of hours every week.  I taxi and coach my children for golf, which takes an enormous amount of time and I’ve met several golf coaches and instructors who charge a very fine fee to do this.  I handle bookkeeping and some legal aspects for all of my businesses including my husband’s.  And, I manage my household.  The list goes on and on.

My day yesterday was a great example of this.  Just to break it down:

8am – 12:20pm – Computer Work for Clients, my businesses, my blog, etc.  and run about 3 loads of laundry

12:20pm – Drive to In N Out to grab lunch for me and my girls

12:45pm – Pick up my girls from school (it was a minimum day) while they eat their burgers & animal style fries on our commute

1:15pm – Arrive at the golf course for the girls to practice and play 9 holes (where one of them has a tournament this weekend)

3:45pm – Head home while the girls do some of their homework in the car

4:30pm – Arrive home where I catch up on email, handle some tasks, run another 2 loads of laundry and cook dinner and the girls finish their homework

6:30pm – Serve Dinner to my girls

7:00pm – Take the girls to meet up with my husband at the golf driving range so he can coach them on their swing a little

9:00pm – Get home and the girls wash up and get ready for bed while I fold laundry

So, if you take into account that I didn’t give myself a lunch break or any of the state allotted 15 minute breaks, I did in fact work a straight 13 hour day.  And, it wasn’t all desk work.  Well, such as the life of a working parent.

Not to tire you or overwhelm you with my schedule, but to help you understand that it is possible.  It is possible to find some online consulting or service provider work and squeeze it into your schedule.  It is possible to spend time with the children and be productive.  After all, if my girls weren’t playing golf and doing homework, they would often be in front of the TV which I’d rather not have.  It is possible to start your own blog, and who knows where that may take you.  So, if you want to change where you are today, just know that you CAN do it!

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About Sinnary

Sinnary Sam is a marketing professional specializing in Prospect Marketing Events. She works from home part time and manages her four daughters' busy school and sports schedules.

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5 Responses to Work 3 Jobs

  1. Sinnary November 9, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

    Silly Dennis, I bet you could!

  2. Sinnary November 10, 2012 at 8:49 am #

    Edward, what a novel concept from a wise sister. We have something in common, my sister is also a chef at the Hyatt Resort. Very neat!

  3. Oscar Gonzalez November 15, 2012 at 5:21 am #

    That’s a lot of work, but obviously it is doable if you set your mind to it. I think when you get to do things like this, you have to have a good calendar system that helps you manage it all. Otherwise you’re bound to forget something along the way.

    • Sinnary November 15, 2012 at 8:06 am #

      Yes, it is so easy to forget Oscar. I live by my calendar. I even calendar in my commute.


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